A New Emphasis on Seafood

Growing up long the Carolina coast and working at seaside restaurants, I’ve always had a special passion for seafood. That’s why there’s a new emphasis on seafood at SugarToad

We buy directly from the fishermen because I believe that’s the way to get the freshest fish. Get to know the people where you get the product, the people who are just as passionate and particular as you are and you will always have the best.

On the new menu, the dishes are presented under the heading, “From the Sea,” and categorized as “pristine” for raw applications and “gently cooked” for sautéed, poached or grilled items. The words highlight the finesse, care, freshness and quality we pride ourselves on.

We define “fresh” by purchasing seafood directly from the docks. Over the years, I’ve established a strong rapport with small, family owned businesses along the shoreline that ensure the best quality, seasonal product.

The dishes featured under the “Pristine” category are:

Pickering Pasture oysters: Aprihop mignonette and finger lime
Opah belly: orange, rhubarb, red pepper flake, lemon basil
Big eye tuna: avocado, pickled cucumber, caperberry
Neah Bay salmon: apples, sunchoke, pearl onions

Dishes featured under the “Gently Cooked” category are:

Grilled opah belly: peaches, arugula
Big eye tuna: piperade, chick pea gravy
Smoked golden trout: black kale, watermelon and spring onion salad
Neah Bay salmon: fennel confit, pistachio sauce
Soft shell crab: spinach, capers, lemon brown butter
Mahi mahi: English peas, prosciutto, garlic scapes, SugarToad garden oregano

The four other entrees are from LouisJohn’s Pasture, owner of Slagel Farms:

Lamb sausage: summer vegetables, nicoise olives, ricotta salata, mint pistou
Chicken: papparedelle, SugarToad garden mustard greens, beech mushrooms
Pork cheek: black eye peas, red Russian kale, crispy egg, red-eye gravy
Filet: summer succotash, anchovy butter

The menu also offers 12 types domestic artisan cheeses, six “From the Fields” items a selection of cured meat from the “Farmer’s Board,” including my signature beef heart.

Come in soon and check out the new menu. And please let me know what you think.

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