Blue Hill at Stone Barn – Day 1

Day One was pretty good.

Walking into a new kitchen at the beginning of the week with a lot going on around you is always an experience. I just tried to help wherever I could.

Started helping the meat side by assisting with vegetable prep work (lots of knife work!) and then cleaning up some bone marrow which is served to the VIPs with a little caviar–yum.

Then, I helped with a little bit of prep for a small party scheduled for later that day. By the way, there are 17 cooks and chefs during service including me–there were even more floating around during the day.

During service, I just absorbed as much as I could and really honed in on the meat station. I bothered the hell out of the cooks Alex and Dan, also known as Texas. I asked a million questions, tasted everything, and have a general idea of what the station is all about.

Blue Hill is unique in that it doesn’t offer a menu per se; the diner chooses from a tasting menu or the farmer’s feast. The “menu” lists ingredients that might appear, and the server communicates to the kitchen on the ticket the preferences for that table. Then, the menu is dictated to the kitchen staff verbally–no tickets for the cooks. I’m not gonna lie– it was confusing at first, but I think I’ve got it now.

I could talk a lot about different food things, but I’ll save that for my mind and to talk with the staff when I return. However, I found it interesting that management Googles every reservation to find out who they will be serving. I found it to be a very thorough/interesting way of trying to know your customer before they arrive.

Another thing, I noticed a fish head being served to a few tables. That really made me perk up…perhaps tomorrow I will bother the fish guy.

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