From autumn comes apples and a memory-making dessert

It’s a cool (pun intended) time of year when apples begin showing up at the market. It signals the ending of a season and the beginning of those heartier, feel good dishes. I am a big fan of apples and the versatility that they possess. From a salad to a soup, a side dish or a dessert, apples are an important player in fall dishes. Is there a more distinct fall taste than apples?

A few years back when I was still in the Carolina’s, some friends came to a restaurant where I was working. Of course, whenever folks that I know well come to eat, I go a little nuts and create dishes just for them. I will never forget what I served them for their first course on their first date— Apple Consomme with Fall Spiced Gnocchi.

The gnocchi was accented with hints of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The consommé was beefed up by adding two of my favorites: Captain Morgan and Crown Royal. When I went out to the table to check on them, Kristin exclaimed, “This is fall in a bowl! Delicious!”

On 10-10-10, this couple is getting married and I am thrilled to be serving as my friend Josh’s Best Man. In honor of them and this wonderful time of year, expect to see us playing with this soup throughout the fall. This is how I love to cook—to evoke memories and to perhaps, if I’m lucky, create new ones.

This folks, is what it’s all about.

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One Response to From autumn comes apples and a memory-making dessert

  1. Tracy Gilchrist says:

    Send me the recipe – sounds delicious

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