Five tasty reasons to get to know us better

If you know food, you can read the description of a menu item and know right off the bat how well the dish will eat. Flavors and textures that compliment, acid to balance and the right cooking technique all play a role in what lands on the plate.

When you cook at home or dine at a restaurant, think about these factors and most likely, you’ll hit a long ball each and every time.

1. Apple Rutabaga Parsnip soup – this creamless soup is poured tableside into a bowl with diced pork belly and fennel sofrito.

2. Caramelized onion tart with a gougere shell, beef vinaigrette, and the tapenade. It was a mixed inspired dish between French onion and a nicoise onion tart that has olives and anchovies. This is my bastardization of the two.

3. Deckle cap of rib roast with collard greens and trumpet royale mushrooms, meaux mustard sauce, polenta and a duck egg. Why duck egg? It’s richer than the ubiquitous kind. The classic sauce cuts the richness.

4. Lamb neck, left, with turnips and baby artichokes. To the right, lamb chop with a boned out porterhouse underneath and the two contrasting flavors of salsa verde and honey vinaigrette.
5. Lightly blackened red drum fish with octopus and potato chowder. The fish changes depending on what’s fresh and coming in from the docks where we buy direct.

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